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          Our mission is to change the way the world ages.

          Developing and supporting initiatives that give back to the greater good is core to our organization. At Home Care Assistance, community service, social and environmental responsibility and sponsorship of noble not-for-profit causes occurs at the local and international levels. Learn more about how Home Care Assistance gives back below.

          Move for Minds

          Home Care Assistance is proud to have been selected to be the exclusive Caregiving Partner for Maria Shriver’s inaugural Move for Minds event, which took place in six cities across the United States. Since the multi-city event was co-sponsored by Equinox Sports Clubs and there is tremendous research supporting exercise as one of the best ways to promote long-term brain health and prevent cognitive decline, Move for Minds’ main focus was on physical exercise as a way to boost cognitive health. Physical exercise is one of the main tenants of our Cognitive Therapeutics Method , so partnering with Maria Shriver to support this event and help educate on the subject was a perfect fit. Home Care Assistance looks forward to promoting this cause further in the coming years!

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          Arbor Day Foundation

          Environmental responsibility is of paramount importance to the team at Home Care Assistance; we have partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation to help plant trees across the world. One tradition that the family at Home Care Assistance is very proud of is that we plant a tree through the Arbor Day Foundation in memory of each of our clients who has passed away. We are proud to honor these special individuals’ memories, while also contributing to a greener environment and healthier Earth.

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          Local Community Service

          Home Care Assistance care team members have a personal mission to improve the lives of older adults and many take this calling beyond their vocation and devote their time and resources to various non-profits. Whether it’s partnering with Second Harvest Food Bank to collect canned goods for seniors in need, donating to, and volunteering with, Rotary International, forming walking teams to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association or donating to research projects focused on breast cancer, Parkinson’s, stroke and other conditions that affect seniors, our local community service efforts touch hundreds of thousands of lives around the world. Certain local offices have taken it a step further and organize regular community service activities for their whole office.

          Michael Rothenberger

          Owner — Home Care Assistance of Indianapolis


          Jaleh Neshat

          Owner — Home Care Assistance of Indianapolis

          2014, 2012

          Kevin McClarren

          Owner — Home Care Assistance of Warren


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