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          All Media Inquiries should be made to Kathryn Allen, Director of Marketing Communications at [email protected]

          Home Care Assistance Donates Thanksgiving Meals to 62 Local Families

          November 14, 2018

          Our Spokane team raised $1,250 for KREM2's Tom's Turkey Drive. Thanks to this donation, 62 local families will receive Thanksgiving meals this year. We are so proud to offer our support to families in need, especially around the holidays.

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          When Dementia is the Real Reason Behind a Couple's Issues

          August 08, 2018

          Jackie Pilossoph, Business Development Manager at Home Care Assistance of Chicago, contributed a column for the Chicago Tribune, featuring Dr. Andrew Budson. As a neurologist, Andrew has worked with a variety of older patients who experience marital issues. In this article, he discusses how these personality and behavior changes may actually be a sign of dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

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          'Dancing With Our Stars' Benefits Meals on Wheels of Hamilton County

          July 11, 2018

          St. Vincent - Ascension Health co-hosted a 'Dancing with our Stars' event with Meals on Wheels of Hamilton County. Michael Rothenberger represented the Home Care Assistance of Indianapolis team by participating in the event.

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          How to Keep your Loved Ones Safe When Choosing a Caretaker

          July 11, 2018

          CBS local news interviewed Nikhil Mehta to gather information regarding the screening process for caregivers. Mehta sheds light on our company's extensive screening and how that ensures our clients are safely provided for in their homes.

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          Home Care Assistance of Greater Phoenix Says its Slowing Down the Aging Process

          May 31, 2018

          Jeff Hill, Owner of Home Care Assistance of Greater Phoenix, provides an overview of our services and explains how cognitive therapy is used to boost the longevity of our clients.

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          Assisted Living Residents With Dementia Crave Companionship, Not Just iPods

          May 23, 2018

          The Dallas Observer conducted an interview with Jared Caplan, Owner of Home Care Assistance of Dallas, to learn more about the therapeutic benefit music can have on those living with Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia.

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          The Teen Who Cares for His Mother Battling Multiple Sclerosis

          May 09, 2018

          Home Care Assistance was proud to be part of this segment of The Doctor's so that youth caregiver, Jonathan, and his family could be surprised with a donation of monthly care for one year so that Jonathan can focus on excelling in school and playing football.

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          Business Beat: Home Care Assistance Hosts Ribbon-Cutting

          May 03, 2018

          Home Care Assistance of Huntington hosted a grand opening reception. The Huntington Regional Chamber conducted a ribbon cutting at the event.

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          Home Care Assistance Cincinnati to Host Educational Series on Boosting Brain Health

          March 16, 2018

          Home Care Assistance of Cincinnati will be hosting a Mind Fit Series at the Deupree House. The series will focus on enhancing brain health through a variety of cognitive activities.

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          In-Home Care Company Develops Win-Win Caregiver Training Program

          March 07, 2018

          One way Home Care Assistance addresses the issue of senior nutrition is through their Balanced Care Method?. HomeCare Magazine outlines how the in-home cooking classes for caregivers included in this program improves the health of clients as well as the caregivers and their families.

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