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        1. Find Your Local Team

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          Competitive Compensation

          Home Care Assistance caregivers and staff are among the best compensated in the industry. We are bonded and insured and cover all employees with workers‘ compensation.

          Employee Appreciation Activities*

          Home Care Assistance plans regular special events to celebrate and honor the service of our employees. Caregivers and care team members are allare respected members of our family!

          Stable Work Environment

          Home Care Assistance is the largest employer of care team members and caregivers. Our staff enjoys regular hours, stable work and minimal waiting periods between cases. We offer a variety of schedules from full-time, live-in to hourly care, and can accommodate your preferred work schedule. We also offer a flexible work environment for office staff and care team employees.

          Established Central Office to Support Local Teams

          Home Care Assistance offers the most dependable and engaged support office affording local teams more best practices, resources and guidance than other companies in the industry.

          Are You Ready To Get Started?

          Home Care Assistance can help you or a loved one today. Contact us now for your complimentary in-home assessment.

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