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        1. Meet Your Local Care Team

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          Care Approach

          Elevating the Standard of Care – One Client at a Time

          Home Care Assistance takes a unique approach to care for seniors. We offer concierge-level services and care management to each and every client; we are able to achieve this by attracting the most innovative, creative, compassionate and committed employees.

          The care team’s goal is not just matching clients to the caregivers, but working with families to create personalized care plans that ensure optimal quality of life for their senior loved one.

          At Home Care Assistance, our care philosophy seeks to optimize the wellness of seniors and bring energy, independence and joy in this special phase of life. Read on to learn about the programs that define our approach to in-home senior care.


          Premier Caregiver Training through our Home Care Assistance University

          Enjoy a higher class of care with experienced caregivers trained on various aging topics such as Alzheimer’s and dementia care, post-hospitalization care, healthy cooking techniques, and more!

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          Holistic Health and Wellness through our Balanced Care Method?

          The Balanced Care Method is a holistic approach to senior care that promotes healthy mind, body and spirit and is based on the lifestyles of the longest-living people in the world.

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          Activities for Aging Minds through our Cognitive Therapeutics Method?

          Addressing the need for in-home brain health, the Cognitive Therapeutics Method is a fun yet effective way to keep aging minds sharp, active and engaged at home.

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